Do you believe in England?

Do you believe in England? Do you think that the English people deserve a voice? Do we the people of England deserve recognition and representation as the English people? Do you see past the time of Union? Do you long to stand free and independent again? Can you see a happy, peaceful, prosperous future for England?

You are not alone. Every day more English people are waking up to the raw deal they and their families get from the British government just because they're English.

If you love England now is the time to act. Below are some suggestions of how you can fight the multitude of injustices facing the people of England today.

It's time to stand for England.

Inform yourself

Here are some websites for anyone who believes in England. The Campaign for an English Parliament. The English Parliament Online and the English Free Press both run by Toque.

Other sites well worth a regular visit are:
Britology Watch, Why England needs a Parliament , The Free England Alliance, Independent England, The Flaming Sword, Wonko's world

A couple of campaigning sites;
The FairFlags campaign, Anthem for England

Join the CEP

England. The nation that invented parliametary democracy is denied its own parliament by the British government. From this injustice all others flow.

If you do nothing else for England, please join the Campaign for an English Parliament get your family and friends to join too.


NO parliament – NO voice – Join the Campaign for an English Parliament


You could sign the English Claim of Right or the petition for the .eng domain name. You could start a petition on the Number 10 website.


Talk to your friends, family and neighbours about England. How it is, and how it could be. Be optimistic, be positive - if you can open peoples eyes to a more positive future for England as England then it will be so.

Write to your MP ask them where they stand on the English question. Ask them if they think the Barnett Formula is fair? Ask them if they think Scottish MPs voting on English issues is fair? Ask then why the English have no voice, no recognition and no dedicated representation. The They Work For You website makes this really easy although you sometimes find that direct contact work better.

Also consider writing to your MEP or the PM or the Justice Minister Jack Straw or anyone in positions of power.

Get a Twitter account. Twitter is good for staying informed about the issues and for spreading the word. You have to stick at it though as it takes a couple of months to get going - in my experience. Once you join you can find and follow the Campaign for an English Parliament @thecep and the English Parliament online @voteengland I'm also on there @wyrdtimes

I get by on Twitter but there all sorts of other social media options. Such as Facebook and myspace. No good for me but you might get on with them.

Write a blog or start a campaign website. Not as easy as it sounds - personally I hardly ever update my blog. But it can be highly effective if you prepared to put the effort in. Even if you don't want to put in much time at least it's there. Everything counts. Link it back to the CEP. Let's get the message out there.

Blogger is a free blogging platform, as is Wordpress. I prefer the latter. You can host it with Wordpress or on your own server. I can provide a very good hosting package for £30 a year for English based projects. Get in touch.

Write to the press. Local papers, National papers. Easiest of all, most national the newpapers have websites which allow you to interact. The Guardian has Comment is Free, the Daily Mail allows you go comment on some articles (some of the time), the Telegraph and Times are similar. Get on those message boards.

Join a political party

Join a political party. Join more than one if you can afford it. Then communicate the English cause from within. There's also a pro English political party; the English Democrats not for me but they might be for you.

Stand againt the EU

The EU has no plans for England except as EU regions. We the English have been lied to over the EU. Our parents voted for a Common Market we've ended up with a federal EU that has no interest in democracy. There are lots of ways to fight the EU - number one is to talk about it.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Free pro-England T-shirt art available.
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ForEngland T-shirts

Download the artwork here.

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Campaign against the United Kingdom

After consultation and referendum the United Kingdom has given the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh peoples their own parliament and assemblies. It has broken England into regions without consultation or consent. This makes realise that I am English not British - how does it make you feel?

Campaign against the English Regions

Our homeland has been divided up without our consent. Apart from the one referendum in the so called "north east" where regional government was soundly rejected. We've been regionalised against our will. Never let the powers that be, forget we know what they've done.

More to follow... contribute


English taxes for England.
English law for England.
Home rule for England

Things happen only because we make them happen... get agitating for England :)